Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Debate Questions

How long will it take before we get to a question about policy?

Things are going very well for him in the polls. Things are going very well for him in terms of raising money.
So I would like all of you up here, including you, Governor Dean, to raise your hand if you believe that Governor Dean can beat George W. Bush.

Tell me, Senator Kerry, why didn't you raise your hand?

Congressman Gephardt, you didn't raise your hand, either. None of you did.

I'm not really asking you -- at least, I wasn't then -- whether you think you're the better candidate. I was simply asking you whether you thought that Howard Dean could beat George W. Bush. Not a one of you raised his or her hand.

Senator Lieberman, you've got a bit of a shot to the solar plexus today... Have your chances received a bad shock today?

Reverend Sharpton, you were raising your hand before. In response to which part of what happened?

Ambassador Braun ...he implication was clear, that somehow Al Gore may be able to transfer some of the allegiance that he has within the African- American community to Governor Dean. You buy that?

Senator Edwards, what I was trying to get to with Ambassador Braun was whether loyalty can, in any way, be transferred by an endorsement from one politician to another. What do you think?

General Clark, you're relatively new to the process. It is rumored, however, that you are a favored candidate by the Clinton family. If Mrs. Clinton, Senator Clinton, or former President Clinton were to offer you his endorsement, would you take it?

Congressman Kucinich... I'd like to hear your thoughts on what endorsements like this mean or don't mean.

Governor Dean, what is it that makes me think that while there may be eight people up here who aren't crazy about that endorsement and who think it trivializes politics, that you probably don't?

General... Like Ted said, you're new to this. You started later than everybody else. Do you believe that you're actually listening to the voters out there that are telling you something different than you're telling us tonight?

Congressman Gephardt... Given what you said, do you believe that you're any better than George Bush in terms of changing the tone of the debate in Washington?

[To Kerry] Governor Dean said recently that religion does not play into his policy decisions. Contrast that with President Bush, who has made it clear that religion plays into his policy decisions. From your perspective, do you believe that this could hurt the Democratic Party's chances in areas of the country, like the South, where politics and religion tend to go very much hand-in-hand?

[to Sharpton]
Nevertheless, as far as your visits are concerned, you have been here far less often than your colleagues here who have gone through the paces, met with the voters, done the grassroots style of campaigning that the voters of New Hampshire are expecting and looking for.

Why shouldn't those very same voters not think of you as disrespecting them by not coming here and doing the same thing?

Ambassador Braun, I effectively put the same question to you: How do you anticipate winning the New Hampshire primary, winning over the hearts and minds of these voters watching tonight if you're not here?

Senator Edwards, in two polls in the last few weeks, 27 percent of likely Democratic voters headed to the polls in January still say they have no idea among the nine of you whom they are going to choose.

Tonight, on this stage, at this point, what can you tell us that makes you the better choice, that if by choosing you, you get something that the rest of them cannot offer?

[to Kucinich]
My questions are this: Can you elaborate on what that was that made you change your mind on an issue like this? [abortion]

[to Dean]
A statement like that, don't you see the possibility of some Democrats being nervous about statements like that leading them to the conclusion that you are not right for being the next commander in chief?

[to Lieberman] You have a jobs plan that talks, in part, about public-private partnerships. That sounds like that's going to take a long time for the people that are now struggling to find jobs.

How specifically quickly do you think you can provide actual jobs with a plan like that?


It only took 19 questions before something resembling a policy question was asked. Our wonderful media.