Monday, December 08, 2003

Dissent as Treason

You know, once upon a time the more turgid of the armchair warriors at least had some point when they branded anti-war types (the ones on the left, anyway, they never noticed the ones on the right) as traitors. If you bought into the belief that Saddam Hussein was an imminent, or an imminently imminent, or whatever, threat to our country, and you bought into the belief that the only way to stop this threat which was sort of but not quite imminent, then in your little through the looking glass world opposing that war would be akin to wishing for the downfall of your country.

Now, of course the little jackboots couldn't comprehend that maybe those two big premises were perhaps false, which was the whole point of opposing the thing in the first place for most of us, but at least there was a certain consistency to it.

But, now that those premises are obviously false, as have been the 15 new ones they've thrown at us in the intervening time, it's time to cut the crap.

OY... I accidentally edited a post instead of making a new one. Here's the Somerby article that this post originally referenced.