Monday, December 15, 2003


When Bob Somerby writes about Kathleen Parker, he fails to use a sufficient number of obscenities to truly express how profoundly stupid she, and the editors who run her, are. Try, if you can, to read these two consecutive sentences without having your brain explode (Eschaton not liable for expense of cleaning brains off of monitor);

Gore “loves” Dean for what Dean can give him. A Supreme Court nomination. A Cabinet position. Another vice presidency? And Dean loves Gore for bringing him the establishment credibility he needed.

What makes this folie a deux so entertaining, of course, is that Gore deeply wants the man he endorsed to lose. Gore’s endorsement is the kiss Fredo gets before his little boat ride with Michael Corleone’s hitman.

Shorter Kathleen Parker: Gore is endorsing Dean so that he will lose and be unable to appoint him to the Supreme Court.