Saturday, December 06, 2003

Kucinich Ad

This is interesting. It's the kind of thing scrappy snowballs-chance-in-hell candidates should be doing. I'm not quite sure if the nation is at the point where they're ready to see such things. In fact, I doubt any network would even run it (has it been run?)

...Just to clarify, what I meant was I'm not entirely sure that running an ad like that (for real, not just on the website) would be effective for the more general cause of electing a Dem for president. It may or may not, what do I know. But, if I were such a candidate whose only hope (in fact, primary realistic purpose) was to make a little noise and stir things up a bit that's what I'd be doing.

And, while I'm continuing to violate my no primary rule, let me just say that I dislike Kucinich both because I disagree with much of what he says, and even when I agree with him I don't think he's very good at packaging his message to appeal to a wider audience. I think he's very successful at appealing to his audience. I went to see him speak once and he got me to my feet cheering with the rest of them, but it didn't make me think Kucinich should be our next president. I think the party could use a few more like him - we need to shore up our left flank a little bit - but that's not the same thing as saying our party should be run by people like him.

Kucinich, despite his charms, is no Paul Wellstone - who also wouldn't be elected president, but would have had a lot greater chance had he ever decided to do such a thing.