Saturday, December 20, 2003


Only in this upside down world could making peace with Ghadafi be hailed as a mighty victory in the "war on terror" by the moral clarity crowd. This is a guy who has been begging for years to normalize relations. This is a guy who has taken responsibility for blowing up a commercial airliner and has used chemical weapons in war. This is a truly nasty dictator. And we're supposed to cheer because this man, who has shown no interest in making any international mischief for years, is now our jolly old pal in exchange for us letting weapons inspectors in?

Libya's one of those countries whose position on the UN's Human Rights Commission made warbloggers (rightfully) condemn the institution as something of a gross joke (human rights organizations weren't too thrilled either).

I'm glad we're not invading but we're setting the bar rather low for the moral clarity crowd I think.