Tuesday, December 16, 2003


Let me just say that I've already got Saddam Fatigue. Yeah we got him, wonderful, great, better than sex, yada, yada, yada, but at this point it's just so much celebrity/bad guy naval gazing by a press that's to cowed or too lazy to report stories that, oh, I don't know, affect our lives in the here and now:

"Today is the EPA's deadline to announce its plan for regulating mercury from coal-burning power plants. A leaked draft indicates it will downgrade mercury as a toxin while weakening efforts to clean up mercury emissions.

This weakening comes just days after the Food and Drug Administration announced that it plans to warn women of child-bearing age and children to limit consumption of canned tuna because of high levels of mercury, which can cause learning disabilities and other serious problems in fetuses and young children.

On Dec. 5, the White House summoned EPA and FDA officials to discuss the awkward timing of the contradictory mercury announcements. White House officials wanted the two agencies to brief them "to ensure federal communication about mercury risks can be defended," according to the trade publication Inside EPA.

"No one's saying what happened at the meeting," Michael Bender, director of the Mercury Policy Project, told BushGreenwatch.org. "What we do know is that President Bush's EPA is slated today to formally announce a dramatic weakening of emission limits for mercury, a potent poison for children and the unborn, from coal burning. It presents the appearance, and perhaps the reality, of allowing children to be poisoned for the sake of campaign contributions."

But like George Will said in a recent column when Kerry had the gall to contrast the war on terror to the number of people dying of AIDS, "Pthbthbppt! Now pick up that flag and start waving it." (Not an exact quote, I can't find the specific link, but close enough for horseshoes)

- Thumb