Thursday, December 11, 2003

Nedra Hearts Joe Lieberman

Nedra Pickler writes up a press release from the Lieberman campaign. I loved this paragraph:

Lieberman also sent a note to his e-mail list Wednesday, calling the Gore endorsement "a golden opportunity" to cast the race as Dean vs. Lieberman and asking for online contributions. The result was Lieberman's largest fund-raising day of the quarter, many in small contributions averaging $71.55.

hmmmm... which important fact is missing?

...and Jesse dispatches Richard Cohen. The funny thing is, Cohen wrote a sentence which says the exact opposite of what he clearly means.

And aside from the war -- a major aside, I grant you -- Dean has hardly campaigned as a Democratic centrist of the type who would have some appeal in the South, Gore's home region.

Though, this column here has to be the All Time #1 Richard Cohen moment.