Saturday, December 13, 2003

Nedra's #1 Fan

Big Pharma:

By the way, AP has a reporter named Nedra Pickler, and we're concerned about her job here at the EIB Network. We're going to be taking steps here to save the job of Nedra - maybe it's NEE-dra, I'm not sure how you pronounce it - Pickler. She's a reporter of the Associated Press. She's actually pointed out errors, mistakes and lies that the Democrats are uttering in their debates. Now, she hasn't gotten the message or she slipped by them in the interview process or something, but if we don't take action fast here to save her job she's going to be toast."

(thanks to cornfed)

Of course, Nedra's "mistakes" are always things like:

"When Wesley Clark said he objected to the war in Iraq, he failed to mention how our participation in World War II is considered by the vast majority of people to have been a success."


"When Dennis Kucinich says he objects to Bush's fiscal policy, he fails to mention that he's a commie-loving little elf."