Thursday, December 11, 2003

Objectively Pro-Communist

Who knew Glenn Reynolds was a commie fan? Well, I guess as long as they're for something he's for... But, wait, wasn't that a bad thing when... brain...shutting...down...

Reader jk adds:

That's great. Good job Kynn. The thing that made my brain melt on that post was the denunciation of the NYT for not covering it, the subsequent discovery that the NYT did cover it, and the assertion that mentioning it deep in an article just proved the point even more than if they didn't cover it.

So let's review:

The NYT didn't cover, which proves they want the US to lose.


The NYT and CNN did cover it, which proves even more that they want the US to lose.

And further:

The conservative press didn't cover it either, which somehow also proves that the liberal media outlets want the US to lose.

Unless: Some more conservative papers did cover it, which, surprise, proves that the liberal media wants the US to lose


Any decision by any media outlet to cover or not cover any event is evidence that they want the US to lose in Iraq.

Must be nice to live in a world where all possible combinations of evidence serve to prove your point.