Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Running for Vice president?

From CNN:

BLITZER: Senator Glenn, while I have you, I remember interviewing you many times where you were in the U.S. Senate, a member of the Armed Services Committee, a member of the Intelligence Committee. In terms of the war on terrorism, is the American public safer today now that Saddam Hussein has been captured?

GLENN: The American public? Well, I'd be hard pressed to say that, that the American public. I didn't see Saddam Hussein as being quite the danger that some other people did.

His neighbors were not really afraid of what he was doing over there. We haven't found any weapons of mass destruction yet. I'm glad we have him. He was a bad man, there's no doubt about that.

But as far as, do I feel safer because he's been captured? Well, I'm glad he was captured. But do I feel safer? No, I guess I don't feel that much safer.

Hmmm . . . didn't I just hear something similar from Dean?

"Anti-war candidate Howard Dean said Monday 'the capture of Saddam has not made America safer,' directly contradicting President Bush and drawing the wrath of two Democratic presidential rivals. "


Sen. Joe Lieberman, said Dr. Dean is in a 'spider hole of denial,' a reference to Mr. Hussein's ignominious hideout and Dr. Dean's assessment of the capture's impact. "

Why does Lieberman hate John Glenn?

(Thanks to Frank Lynch for the assist)

- Thumb