Saturday, December 13, 2003


My gal Cho:

What is so wrong with that article that I didn't read, is that it divides a community that is already so divided it needs the division symbol. SHOW YOUR WORK!!!!! You need an extra sheet of paper fool????!!! This type of journalism and finger pointing is straight up cannibalism and is what is going to keep the right wing powerful. While we eat ourselves from the inside out and rot like a cancer, Bush is going to be preparing for his next term in office. Hasn't he done enough? Aren't we fucked up enough as it is now? Why are we asking for four more years of punishment? So that we can have the spokesperson for us be 'not too hot, not too cold, but just right?' Fuck that Goldilocks shit. And that is not a racist slur. It is this type of liberal need for 'specificity' and 'political correctness' that is going to turn this country into a totalitarian regime. That we offend each other so easily is the worst crime we commit against ourselves. Let it go. Let the bullshit go for now and we will fight over it later - AFTER we win the fucking election. What the fuck is wrong? Fuck it. There are parts of the conservative party that despise the other parts, fucking hate them more than we hate each other, yet they stand together, because they know it is the only way for them to win. The religious right is banded together with groups that sicken each other, believe everyone but them are going to hell, carry antibacterial gels with them whenever they have to shake hands, but they form a union because they know that the only chance they have to take over the government is if they play Red Rover. Doesn't it make you mad that they are fucking smarter than we are? Doesn't it make you hate so much that it turns into love?

(tip from Arthur Silber)