Thursday, January 08, 2004


Howler and Alterman continue beating on Brooksy.

...just one comment. People like me used to be called conspiracy theorists in the runup to the Iraq war for daring to suggest that Syria and Iran and who knows who else were on the list. Once the Iraq shock and awe began, and the war in Iraq looked like a cakewalk, there was a new story - that we were conspiracy theorists for alleging that there was a conspiracy. There's no conspiracy! Of course we're going to invade Iran and Syria! We've said that all along! You're a conspiracy nut for suggesting that something that is out in the open is a conspiracy! ha ha!

Now, of course, with Operation Inigo Montoya not going so well and our military stretched to thinly too do anything else, we're back to anti-semitic conspiracy theorists.