Thursday, January 15, 2004

Dennis Miller Now and Then

Dennis Miller Now:

"Well, can you blame me? One of the biggest malfeasances of the left right now is the mislabeling of Hitler. Quit saying this guy is Hitler," he said, referring to Mr. Bush. "Hitler is Hitler. That's the quintessential evil in the history of the universe, and we're throwing it around on to win a contest. That's grotesque to me."


Indeed, Miller was especially merciless in bashing Gingrich. Many of his anti-Newt quips compared the House Speaker to Adolf Hitler ? and, by extension, portrayed the GOP Congress as a sinister collection of would-be brownshirts. For example, in his opening monologue on December 23, 1994, Miller joked that Gingrich's forthcoming book would "be available through the Mein Kampf of the Month Club." A few weeks later, he announced the post-election transfer of power on Capitol Hill as follows: "Gingrich and the Republicans took over Congress this week. This is actually Gingrich's second attempt to seize power, the first, of course, being the ill-fated Beer Hall Putsch."

And, for media types who are getting all touchy about Hitler comparisons, may I suggest clicking on this link.

I could spend all day finding bloggers who are all "upset" about Move On, and who have been motivated to call ADL over it, and who regularly use the word "Hitlery."

Rush Limbaugh regularly calls her ""Hitlery."

Neil Boortz regularly calls her "Hitlery.

...The Hamster has a whole bunch of Miller/Nazi quotes.