Thursday, January 15, 2004

Fire Bill Schneider

I agree with Jesse Berney. This was a total outrage.

Contact CNN's Washington Bureau at 202-898-7900 and ask when their independent poll analyst is going to apologize for equating Democrats and hypocrites.

...some people seem to think that Schneider's clever rhetorical trick where he says:

SCHNEIDER: President Bush can claim consistency. Does Governor Dean's support for Bosnia and Kosovo, and his opposition to Iraq, make him a hypocrite? No. It makes him a Democrat -- Judy.

somehow gets Schneider off the hook. Look, the whole point of this segment is to demonstrate that the steely-eyed rocket man is consistent because he supports wars regardless of the party of the person in charge, while Dean only supports wars run by Democrats. Of course, such a stance is intrinsically hypocritical - in fact, Dean isn't just a hypocrite, he's a DEMOCRAT, so all Democrats are hypocrites because they put politics above consistency. See?