Sunday, January 04, 2004

Lying Dick Gephardt

Dick Gephardt just said that Dean had stated that Medicare "should have never happened." Even Gephardt's own list of Dean-hates-Medicare quotes doesn't state that.

...he then said (paraphrasing) that "I don't think anyone thinks that Saddam's capture doesn't make America safer..."

Well, if by not anyone you mean "60 percent of Americans."

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The capture of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein has given U.S. President George Bush a ratings boost, but few Americans think that the United States is now safer from terrorism, according to a New York Times/CBS News poll released on Tuesday.

The poll found that in the two days after Saddam's capture, Bush's overall approval rating rose six points to 58 percent, the highest level since last July, and up from 52 percent in the four days before the former Iraqi leader's arrest.
Despite the capture of the ousted Iraqi leader, 60 percent of Americans believe his status will make no difference in the terror threat against the United States, the poll found.

...torture Wolf Blitzer!