Wednesday, January 07, 2004


Go read and MWO (scroll down to the bottom). Here's the letter I just sent to the NPR ombudsman:

Mr. Dvorkin,

I understand some people have emailed you following some information I posted on my website. For the record, I never suggested that anyone email you about it, and nor did I post your email address. While occasionally I do suggest that readers contact members of the media over certain issues, this was not one of them. Here is a link to the post that people were responding to.

Perhaps as NPR ombudsman you should treat your listeners with a bit more respect. The never hidden biases of Juan Williams and Maria Liasson are obvious to all, including Roger Ailes.



Here is his response:

Dear Atrios,

The issue is whether people listen to NPR and are moved to complain or
whether they don't listen and are moved to complain. As NPR's ombudsman, I
tend to pay more attention to the former than the latter.

Best regards,

Jeffrey Dvorkin