Friday, January 23, 2004

Silly Sully

For some reason a hundred thousand people marching with a few unreconstructed Stalinists is bad, but working for an advocate of gay genocide is good. Whatever.

Duel in the Moon-light

One unambiguously gay duo President Bush doesn't have to worry about getting married any time soon is conservative columnist Andrew Sullivan and left-leaning commentator Michelangelo Signorile.

Signorile has denounced Sullivan for writing for the Washington Times, whose owner, cult-leader Sun Myung Moon, makes no secret of his hatred for gays.

The main Moonie has called gays "less than animals," and believes God will purge them from the earth.

Signorile asked in the New York Press: "How on earth could a gay writer take a check from a man who can't wait to see him thrown into an oven?"

But Sullivan has hit back, saying the Washington Times never censors him.

He told us: "Moon's views are horrifying, but ... I champion gay rights and equality in a paper where they are usually unmentionable," adding, "When you're a tiny minority, purism isn't an option."