Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Will Asian-Americans Ever Stop Being Foreigners?

A big chunk of the email to Margaret Cho refers to her as a foreigner, or a guest in this country, because she's of Asian descent. Obviously this is a representative sample of bigots, not a representative sample of the country (one would hope). But, I do observe that plenty of essentially non-bigoted people do have that basic view of Asian-Americans (East or South). 5th generation Chinese-Americans must get tired of being asked where they're from. I wonder if this will ever change? Despite the massive amounts of racism directed against African-Americans, only on the absolute fringes do you get the sentiment that they "don't belong here," or are otherwise non-American.

Anyway, I think I've posted about this before and I'm obviously not the first one to point this out but I am curious if that perception of foreign-ness will ever go away.