Thursday, February 12, 2004


So, I'm watching ABC's coverage of the AWOL issue and Terry Moran just said that the Dentist document "disproves" Terry MacAuliffe's charge that Bush was AWOL. What the hell? No one ever claimed that Bush never ever ever ever ever showed up for any Guard duty ever. The point is that he missed a medical exam in Texas, was grounded from flying, appears to have missed at least 6 months of duty at some point, left Texas without getting permission, got retroactive permission after he arrived in Alabama, and then potentially didn't show up as promised in Alabama, even if he did get his Teefers checked.

Liberal media my ass.

...Peter Jennings also reported a bunch of crappy poll numbers for the administration, but then made sure we all knew that this was only because the Democrats have been getting lots of positive coverage lately.