Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Briefing Transcript

I think the key thing they got out of Scotty is that he admits that the records don't say anything about where Bush served. We're given two basic facts - 1) Bush recalls serving in Texas and Alabama. 2) The records show when he was paid, and therefore he served. Scotty admits the records don't show where he served, and doesn't even seem to come flat out and say that Bush served in Alabama (unless I missed it). Just that the president recalls.

...and, among other things, Calpundit notes that the Alabama training schedule doesn't match up with his ARF Statement of Points Earned schedul.

quick version so you don't have to squint: The Alabama training schedule shows drill weekends on 7-8 Oct and 4-5 Nov. The ARF form shows Oct 28-29 and Nov 11-14.