Saturday, February 07, 2004

The Bush Campaign

Lately I've been a bit curious about how, exactly, Bush plans to campaign this year. I don't mean the ads/push polls/dirty tricks/whatever. I mean the actual physical, personal, kissing-babies, pressing the flesh, hold campaign rallies-style campaigning. As far as I can tell, Bush hasn't had anything resembling a "public event" since he became president. There are always enclosed spaces with pre-selected crowds, with the secret service removing anyone who may not be 100% for Dear Leader.

In '96 I went to a campaign rally for the Clenis. The security (visible) was fairly minimal. I believe I had to go to the local Dem office and sign my name to get a "ticket" to the event, but that was bascially a formality. It was in a very open area. You know, what a campaign rally is supposed to look like. I can't imagine Bush doing anything like that, or doing the meet-n-greet at the local coffee shop. I can't imagine him getting in with the crowds.