Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Bush - Worse Than Tom DeLay

Now that's scary.

... I'm thinking about why DeLay might be a bit hesitant. I don't think it's because DeLay has his finger on the pulse of America and has decided this is a bad idea. My guess is that he's figured out what BushRove hasn't. First, no one likes a loser. There isn't a lot of chance this will make it through the Congress (though it could). And, more importantly, this might cause a pretty nasty rift in the Republican party. Sure, the Dems will be all over the place on this vote, but they're used to that. The Republicans will have a significant number of defectors - particularly in the Senate. And, the failure by the leadership - Frist, Bush, and DeLay - to keep their members in line will infuriate the base.

They don't want a noble defeat. They want victory.