Saturday, February 07, 2004

Bush/Cheney Not Campaigning for Kerr

This is pure strategy.

President Bush and Vice President Cheney will not be coming to Kentucky to help Alice Forgy Kerr's congressional campaign, Kerr said Monday.

Kerr, who is running in a special election Feb. 17, had expected a visit by one or both of the national leaders. But her campaign would have to pay security costs, among other things, and could not afford it, she said.

With no other Republican candidates to share the spotlight and also the expense, "it would be cost prohibitive," Kerr said in an interview while campaigning in Richmond. It would cost "up in the hundreds of thousands of dollars," she said.

As Kos tells us, Kerr began her campaign by running commercials with her and Bush. Her positives sank and her negatives soared. She pulled the commercials. Let's win KY6! Throw a few more nickles at the Chandler campaign. This is the last week, where the Republicans always pull out all the stops. Push polls, nasty leafletting, fake campaign calls from "Child molesters for Chandler!" and the like will all happen courtesy of the Kerr campaign and its allies. Make sure he has enough money to expose and fight this stuff in the last days before the election.

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