Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Congratulations Congressman Ben Chandler!

It looks like he's won this thing easily - 12 points over Kerr! Thanks to all who contributed - hopefully we made a bit of a difference.

Damn, so this is what it feels like to win. I haven't felt like this since Jim Jefford's Day.

Hey, Mitch McConnell - how about them apples?

While you're feeling all glowy and generous, let me recommend heading over to the websites of Stephanie Herseth and Morris Meyer.

Herseth is our next battle - she's running in the June 1 special election in South Dakota. She's currently ahead in the polls, but that could change.

Meyer is one of my advertisers. I'll admit I was a bit skeptical at first - taking on one of the DeLay's little gnomes in the heart of Texas seems like a huge challenge. But, after looking into it a bit more... it's possible. Barton, the incumbent, is bad news. We just need to get the word out...

...and, if you care to donate to either of them add $.18!

...KY Vote May Signal Nation's Mood.

...Josh Marshall comments.