Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Gay Republicans

Anyone who's been paying attention over the last few years knows that the Republican party went from pandering to the Christian Right to being mostly taken over by them. It is true that the other major wing of the Republican party - the corporatists - probably don't agree with them on much, but nor do they really give a shit. There's a reason for that - being wealthy insulates you from a lot. All the culture war stuff really doesn't matter when you can afford to live how you want, send your kids to private schools, etc...

As for wealthy gay Republicans - having money means that most of the effects of bigotry and discrimination are much less important. Gay marriage? Who cares if you get pension benefits when your partner dies if you're wealthy. It isn't that being wealthy means you can escape discrimination fully, it's just going to matter a hell of a lot less.

I really hope that Crazy Andy's army of a million gay people who voted Republican last time have now seen the light and will, as he's suggested in the past, not just switch their vote but actively donate and campaign for Bush's opponent. But, I really really doubt it's going to happen. Most people aren't as naive as Andy pretends to be - they knew what they were voting for.

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