Sunday, February 01, 2004

Haven't We Been Here Before

I'm not the first nor hopefully the last to point this out, but I just want to restate that it's essentially the same folks, and/or their proteges, who accused the CIA of being too soft on international threats in the 70s who accused them of the same for the Iraq "threat."

It'd be sort of amusing, if they weren't now trying to pretend that it was the CIA mainstream who led them astray, and not vice versa.

Team B.

What we discovered about the Soviet Union after the cold war was that it was every bit as evil as we had thought--indeed more so--but that it was a whole lot less powerful than we had feared. That is what we will probably discover about Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.


And, for the record, Zakaria is not a "liberal." As Eric Alterman pointed out, being a sane intelligent neoconservative does not a liberal make, unless we're defining liberal as "sane" and neoconservative as "insane," which I'd be relatively happy to do.