Sunday, February 22, 2004

Hitchens in VF

Apparently Hitchens has a pretty critical piece on Gibson's The Passion in this month's Vanity Fair, in which he writes this line:

It isn't all that hard to upset Jews, as Gibson must have known he would, and it's even possible to suspect him of doing so in order to create a climate of emotional publicity."

Maybe Hitchens was just jealous of all the attention that Easterbrook was getting. I really can't comprehend how an editor of a major magazine would let that line through.

...just wanted to add that I'm not trying to claim that this line convicts Hitchens of serious anti-Semitism. I was primarily chastizing the editor for letting it through. Hitchens does have a rather odd history, and it's pretty hard not to think that Hitchens came within millimeters of becoming an actual holocaust denier during his period of flirtation of David Irving. If Irving's undoing had happened a couple of years later Hitch may have thrown himself over the cliff. But, since then Hitch has discovered he has Jewish relatives and seems to have adopted the kind of condescending philo-Semitism which is all too common these days.

It was a poor way to phrase whatever the hell he was trying to say.