Tuesday, February 10, 2004

If I Were a Liberal Think Tank...

Or a media watching think tank, I would hire someone to make transcripts of Don Imus's radio show and Mike Barnicle's radio show. On both shows, which I almost never listen to, the Washington Clown Corps, particularly the axis of russert-and-cokie gang, regularly debase themselves. People often email me things they heard on the shows which I can't verify so I don't run with them (unless there are Imus transcripts somewhere that I've missed).

One person said that on Mike Barnicle's radio show, Russert said he couldn't be too hard on Bush because the leaders of Iran and North Korea would be watching and it would be wrong to make Bush look bad by being too tough. You know, the old "it would be wrong to show those tyrannical regimes without a free press what a free press would look like" excuse. Or something.

Anyway, I can't verify this - I'm just throwing it out there as a suggestion to someone with a few bucks. Imus transcripts in particular would be worth weeks and weeks of fun for the Washington Clown Corps.