Saturday, February 28, 2004

In the Dog House

Musgrave's gonna feel the heat for revealing that Bush is, yet again, a liar.

WASHINGTON - President Bush pledged to Rep. Marilyn Musgrave that he would support her proposed constitutional amendment prohibiting gay marriage three months before he made Tuesday's public pronouncement, according to Musgrave's top aide.

The White House has said Bush made the decision only after officials in San Francisco and New Mexico presided over same-sex marriages.

Guy Short, Musgrave's chief of staff, said Musgrave discussed her Federal Marriage Amendment with the president during a Nov. 24 trip aboard Air Force One to Fort Carson, where Bush visited troops and met with survivors of military personnel killed in Iraq.

"She flew back to Colorado with him, and he indicated he would be supportive of the amendment and her language," Short said. A week earlier, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court had ordered the state legislature to either permit gay couples to wed or adopt a constitutional amendment prohibiting the practice. The legislature, unable to reach an agreement, has yet to respond.

On Jan. 31, speaking to GOP House and Senate members attending a retreat in Philadelphia, Bush endorsed the amendment and, according to Short, expressed "support for Marilyn's language."

Those confidential assurances by the president encouraged Musgrave and her staff to proceed. "We wanted to respect his timing, but we knew it was coming," Short said.

In a related note, are conservative all idiots or liars? Sometimes I can't tell. Armstrong Williams, who really shouldn't be talking about this stuff:

After all, why do gay couples want the church's blessing? They could go about their business just fine without having been "wed" in a church, right?

Armstrong, Dear, gay couples can and regularly do get married in churches all the time.