Thursday, February 12, 2004


Well, Drudge has a big boner right now. You can go there yourselves if you want. In any case, yesterday I was going to (but didn't) post that now that Matthew Yglesias has fully backed off his "Howard Dean Inevitable" idea, it was inevitable that the Dean campaign would come back to life.

Anyway, I don't care who Kerry is boinking, frankly, but if this is a) true and b) recent as in "after his decision to run for president" then he ain't too bright.

But, any "respectable" (hah) media outlet that reports this without getting some sources other than Drudge should be ashamed.

...Fox is already running with it. is Boston radio.

I have to admit there are times when I wish I was so all powerful that I could post up anything I wanted to and the rest of the media would report it as gospel.

...Hesiod notes that something similar was pushed in '92. Anyway, this does sound like a very Roveian smear - the trademark little details which don't quite make sense but have a big titillation factor.