Saturday, February 14, 2004

Party Unity

I hope this article about retribution against Democrats who supported Dean is just a bit of chest-beating and not actually true in a meaningful sense. Winning the presidency is just the first step - implementing an agenda is the second. What we don't need is yet another generation of "Fox News Democrats" who, isolated from the power structure, start sniping back.

It's subscription only, but here's the gist:

Officially, the Kerry campaign pledges to bring the party together and to move past such gloating. But some establishment Democrats, both inside and outside the Kerry campaign, still intend to punish the Dean heretics. And, while well-known politicians, such as Gore, Harkin, and Moseley Braun, may endure the most public abuse, the people who may ultimately suffer explicit retribution for their Dean-boosting are cogs in the Democratic machine--people like Daalder, who toil in think tanks or union leadership or groups like the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC). As one former high-ranking Clinton administration official puts it, "Will they work again in this town again? I hope not."