Tuesday, February 03, 2004


We all know that US standards of decency - for TV, movies, and radio - are completely screwy. I remember when the FCC fined Howard Stern because on his show there was a man playing a piano with his penis. This was radio, remember. One iron rule is that erect penises are forbidden, unless pharmaceutical companies are discussing four hour erections in their ads, in which case it's okay.

While I wouldn't agree with the UK's TV standards, they at least reflect a more reasonable approach. They're more concerned with violence than sex - before a certain time even shows like Star Trek, or Buffy, get edited for violence. But, once the adult hour kicks in they aren't too disturbed by the display of a few boobs or the sexual content of a typical 'R' movie. On the other hand, pornography (which, again, seems to be defined as anything presenting an erect penis), is illegal so I'm not sure I'd swap.

In movies, here, a penis shot, erect or not, will almost guarantee an NC-17 rating.

What is it about the penis?

But, if you need your daily dose of Boobs there's always page 3 of this fine Murdoch publication, easily accessible by schoolchildren everywhere, to keep you happy. (not work safe).

...apparently things have changed since I was in the UK. Pornography is not quite as illegal as it once was. It wasn't as if it was commonly (successfully) prosecuted before that, anyway.