Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Some Good

Thanks, Archbishop:

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Cincinnati has announced it will support the repeal of a1993 city charter amendment that prohibits City Council from enacting gay rights laws. Cincinnati is the only city in the country with such a measure.

Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk called the amendment morally wrong, but said he still opposes blanket rights for gays and lesbians because it makes "homosexual behavior as legally acceptable as heterosexual behavior."

"Homosexual behavior is not tolerated by the church", he said in an article in the Catholic Telegraph, the newspaper of the Cincinnati Archdiocese, " but homosexuals still should be protected from discrimination."

"I believe now, as I believed at the time of its passage, that Article XII (the amendment) is as detrimental to the public good as the ordinance that it invalidated," he wrote.

His statement comes two weeks after a gay civil rights group called Citizens to Restore Fairness said it gathered the needed signatures to put the repeal on the November ballot.