Saturday, February 14, 2004

Something Worthy for those of you who are in the Dallas Area

From what little reading of the comments I've been able to do while I am double posting and messing up links, it seems there are more readers of Atrios from the Dallas area than I realized. So I'm going to use my incredible power as guest blogger to talk about something very worthy and important that is happening in Dallas.

Harryette Ehrhardt is a Democrat who has formed a group called Citizens for Equality. The purpose of the organization is to recruit Democrats, in conjunction with the Democratic Party, to serve as Election Judges, poll watchers, poll workers and ballot counting observers for the election in November. Many Dallas precincts are using Diebold touchscreen voting machines, so it is extremely important that Democrats have people in place to try to assure that everyone's vote is counted in this election. I spoke with a member of this group on the phone a short while ago. I'm going to be working for them this November. They still need volunteers, and donations. They are also looking for lawyers who will agree to be on call on election day in case a question arises at a polling place.

The telephone number for Citizens for Equality is 214-821-2511; their web site is

If you live and vote in the Dallas area, please consider volunteering and/or making a contribution.