Tuesday, February 03, 2004

The Story So Far

Well, it ain't over yet and who knows if they've even bothered to count absentee ballots which will probably be necessary before allocating any delegates, but... here we go.

The Big Winner: Edwards. While Kerry has more wins, Edwards won't be too far behind in terms of delegates.

The Small Winner: Clark. Whether or not he wins OK - close enough. Delegate count should be even.

The teensy weensy winner: Dean. He'll grab delegates in New Mexico and maybe Arizona. No big win, obviously, but at least slightly exceeded expectations.'

The Minor Loser: Kerry. No big deal, and it's going to mostly depend on how the media reports it. But, will presumably slow his Big Mo ever so slightly.

Other than Edwards, mostly a wash in absolute terms. Though, obviously, his big SC win potentially paves the way for a Clintonesque Southern Storm.

...just wanted to add - these are all meant to be relative to expectations.