Friday, February 27, 2004

Unprecedented Cooperation

Josh Marshall has a few comments on the latest 9/11 commission shenanigans. At issue is the White House arguing that the separation of powers means that Bush doesn't have to cooperate at all, and therefore we should all be amazed that he's cooperating at all.

But, this is just an attempt to reframe the issue from "what Bush SHOULD DO" to "what Bush CAN DO." Even if we swallow the separation of powers argument whole, it has nothing to do with the fact that the person who was at the helm of the ship on 9/11, particularly one who has turned it into his raison d'etre, should want to do anything and everything he can do help us figure out what went wrong on that day and what we could do about it the next time. The unwillingness of him and his people to do this is disgraceful.

If any of them are concerned about criminal culpability, I'll be more than happy to let them exercise their right against self-incrimination under the 5th amendment to the Constitution. But, aside from that, this has absolutely nothing to do with what they can do, and everything to do with what they should do.

Do the right thing.