Thursday, February 12, 2004

While There's Blood in the Water...

In case there are some journalists hankering to do a bit of investigating. First, you could pursue the story about why Bush obtained a new driver's license number while governor of Texas.

Now why would George Dubya require a Texas driver's license with an entirely new number? It was obtained on March 31, 1995, as was his wife's Laura Welch Bush's. His wife and daughters didn't need new numbers, nor did his famous parents - former president and first lady, George H. and Barbara Pierce Bush - who all would seem to be at as much risk security-wise. And by the way, doesn't Texas require renewal of a driver's license every four years on one's birthday? Did George Dubya have something in his past to hide to cause him to purge the old record and number? This seems especially confusing since his birthday is July 6, 1946, but he obtained his new number on March 31, 1995 as a renewal.

Due to this little anomaly, we thought perhaps we should check to see if this was a common practice for former governors of Texas, but no, they were not listed among the first four numbers previous to Dubya's. Now, in all fairness to Dubya we must ask why he would get a new number and not just assume it was to hide something in his past life. And why would he be given the nine-digit DL number 000000005? His wife's DL number is 005295107.

Second, you could pursue this line, first suggested by the Daily Brew years back:

We know that in 1976 President Select Bush was convicted of DUI (driving under the influence) in Kennebunkport Maine. The Daily Brew has learned from reliable sources that after that conviction, Bush regularly operated his family's King Air (about a 4 million dollar twin turboprop), as a civilian. However, to maintain his FAA license, Bush, like all licensed pilots, would have had to submit his medical exam by a Aviation Medical Examiner at least every 2 years. Persons filling out that exam are REQUIRED by federal law to disclose any DWIs at the time of the pilot's aviation medical examination. Any false or misleading statements on that form are federal offenses. Pilots who have DWIs must have their medical flight clearance revoked for 3 years (and The Daily Brew understands back then it was 5). Then they have to apply for reinstatement, and give reasons why they feel they have recovered from their alcoholism (such as treatment records).

If Bush filed a flight plan between 1978 and 1981, that would constitute prima facie evidence that Bush had a valid pilot's license after 1978. If the FAA issued President Select Bush a medical certificate after 1976, the Daily Brew believes that would constitute prima facie evidence that Bush committed perjury in filling out his medical certificate.

...and, Greg Beato uncovers another timeline discrepancy.