Friday, March 19, 2004


Wow. You all donated $19810 today, for a total of $75,513 since late Wed., Mar 3, when I first put the donation link up.

But, more importantly, there have been a total of 911 donations. Some have donated big, some small, but it's the willingness to donate at all that matters.

It's easy, therapeutic, and fun to read and rant online. But, now's the time when we can take some action. If you can afford to give a lot, great! If you can afford to give a little, great! If you can afford to give some time, that's great too! But, no matter what you do, if you've spent the last couple of years being pissed off and wanting change, you should make sure to do *something.*

I'm glad so many have.

and, uh, hey, an invite to the Unity Dinner wouldn't be out of line...