Monday, March 29, 2004

Hundred for Hoeffel!

I'm going to kick off my new fundraising endeavor - let's try and raise one hundred grand for Joe Hoeffel, candidate for the Pennsylvania Senate seat. The campaign has set up a dedicated donation page, so they'll be able to track donations made through this website.

Hoeffel's going to either be running against wingnut Toomey or a seriously wounded Arlen Specter. Either way, he really should win. We keep losing senate seats here in Pennsylvania because of a basic split in the Dem party and an inability to nominate decent candidates. We finally have a Democratic governor, Rendell, which should help keep the troops in line. And, presumably the November election turnout should favor Hoeffel as well.

Frankly, the big problem for his campaign is the lack of statewide name recognition. There's really only one way to fix that - money. This is definitely a seat where money will make a difference. He won't need to fight the large war chest the Republicans will amass, he'll just need to have enough to get the word out.

So, if you haven't depleted your donation budget yet please consider giving. And, if you're a a PA resident make sure to check out the campaign website and see how else you can help out.

We're starting with about $3500 already raised for the Hoeffel campaign through this site... let's make it a Hundred for Hoeffel!

Hoeffel rhymes with ruffle