Wednesday, March 31, 2004


A bunch of people have sent this in. Here's reader d:

I don't know if you saw Letterman last night, but there was some interesting stuff.

On Monday night, he showed a long clip of a Bush speech (headlined as "George W. Bush energizes the youth of America," or something like that) with this young boy (around 12 years old) on the stage behind him who was obviously having a really hard time concentrating. As the clip jumped forward in time, he gradually got more fidgetty--the kid was yawning, checking his watch, cracking his neck, bending over and touching his toes. It was absolutely hysterical.

Last night, Dave says that earlier on Tuesday, CNN showed the clip from his show. Afterwards, the anchor came on and said that the White House informed them that the Letterman people edited the boy into the clip. Dave came back and said that that was a flat-out lie! Then he showed a CNN broadcast from later on Tuesday when they repeated the clip, and a different anchor said that the White House now said that, yes, the boy was at the speech, but not actually on stage behind George. Dave reiterated that, in fact, they were big LIARS!

A few minutes later, Dave's producer informs him that CNN contacted the show and said that the White House had never actually contacted them, and the anchor had made a mistake. For the rest of the show, Dave was lamenting that he had accused the Bush administration of being liars, when he didn't have his facts straight. Off mike, you could see the producer mouth the same thing I was thinking, which was that TWO different anchors each reported being given information by the White House-how could they both just make that up?

Sounds like the Bushies lied as usual (as they do about things big and small?), and that for some reason CNN decided to provide damage control cover-up. I don't know why Dave didn't push them further. The whole thing was very surreal, but typical. Can someone get the real story about what transpired? (Actually, I went to sleep a little bit before the show ended, so I don't know if there were any other tidbits that came up?)