Saturday, March 20, 2004

More Kelley

From the LA Times:

In an interview, Siegenthaler said the examination indicated that some people outside the paper were involved in helping Kelley cover up the fabrications. Inside the paper, no one was implicated, he said, though Kelley clearly had a number of "supporters and admirers."

Yes, I'd like to know who those outside supporters and admirers were, what they did to help, and how they managed to influence the newspaper.

...I don't have time to look into these people, but this letter to Romenesko provides us with a starting place. The writer lists people who had previous defended Kelley in the same letters section:

From DEREK ROSE: One wonders if all the people who so nastily attacked USA Today editor Karen Jurgensen and publisher Craig Moon here on Poynter will offer them a public apology.

That means you, Lance Gay ("newsroom management must have had other perverse motives"), Matthew Kalman ("a rather vicious and unethical witchhunt"), Mercedes Cardona ("sacrificing good journalists for the sake of office politics"), Liza Koon ("Jack's been treated very badly ... he is no Jayson Blair") and Clara Frenk ("The so-called 'managers' basically ... smeared one of the best reporters I've worked with")