Tuesday, March 16, 2004

More Spain

One of the facts which hasn't been percolating around the US media much (at all) is that the leaders of the anti-terrorism police threatened to resign after the Aznar government's continued insistence on the involvement of ETA was impeding their investigation.

In Spain, there was only one media outlet (Cadena Ser) which almost immediately, just hours after the attack, began reporting that their sources were telling them that the ETA storyline was crap. They were mocked and blasted by the rest of the media and members of government in Spain, including the government run stations which had been beating the ETA ETA ETA drum nonstop, even after those government officials knew better.

I suppose it makes perfect sense that those who equate the war on Iraq with the war on terrorists also find believe the Aznar government, which showed no interest in finding the real perpetrators of the 11-M attack, is "serious about the war on terrorism." These are the same people, after all, who aren't disturbed by the fact that the Bush administration prevented our military from going after Zarqawi because doing so would've made going to Iraq more difficult.

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