Thursday, March 18, 2004

Some Good News from PA

Quinnipac poll.

Sen. Arlen Specter has a 49 -- 36 percent approval, compared to 53 -- 32 percent in a February 18 poll. Only 36 percent of Pennsylvania voters want to see Specter reelected this year, while 44 percent want a new senator, compared to 40 -- 44 percent for reelecting Specter in the February 18 poll.

But Specter still tops U.S. Rep. Joseph Hoeffel, the possible Democratic challenger, 45 -- 29 percent, compared to 50 --- 31 percent last month.

Obviously, Rep. Hoeffel has a ways to go, but he hasn't yet run any television ads. He currently has low statewide name recognition, but there's plenty of time to change that.

And, the chance that Specter loses the primary to wingnut challenger Toomey is also increasing. The latest poll has them at 47-38. CW says Toomey would be an easier opponent, though I'm not so sure... Still, it would be sort of fun to see Specter go down in flames like that.