Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Taking Back Congress

Conventional Wisdom in the media, and sadly among many in the Democratic Party who seem to have grown comfortable with their "loser" status, is that it would be impossible for the Democrats to take back Congress. Frankly, I don't understand this. Yes, I understand the power of incumbency. Yes, I understand the negative hit we took on redistricting. And, yes, I understand that there are only 40ish truly competitive seats in the House, give or take.

But, it's time for to put our game faces on and go out and win this thing. Do I think we inevitably will? Of course not. But, I think that right now the wind is blowing our way. And, the fact is that there are plenty of seats we can win. The fact is, also, that we are at a serious financial disadvantage.

I know many of you, for understandable reasons, prefer to give directly to candidates. I know people have a sense that if the give to "the party," it just gets swallowed up into the black hole. But, today I'd like to encourage you to donate to either the DSCC or DCCC.

Part of this political game is strategery. The Republicans generally know how much money a candidate has raised, how much they're spending on media buys, etc. They can adjust their emphasis accordingly. The wild card is the outside funding. In the final weeks of a campaign, especially, the DCCC and DSCC can swoop down and drop an extra ton of money to try and get a particular candidate elected. They therefore have the power to help shake things up and turn things around in a way which can't always be anticipated by the other side. It keeps them on their toes.

This kind of outside expenditure is much more important than people realize. And, of course, the other side does it too. To remain competitive, and to have the ability to mount strategic attacks and have effective defenses, these organizations need to have a war chest.

So, you know what to do.