Monday, March 22, 2004

They Get Letters II

To Romenesko:

From STEVE RAY, assistant design director/business, Star Tribune (Minneapolis): I sent this e-mail to David Shaw of the L.A. Times after reading his article on the new anonymous source policies in the New York Times and Washington Post:

Nice article. Particularly ironic, too, considering the Washington Post
published this in today's article on Richard Clarke, by reporter Barton Gellman:

"White House and Pentagon officials who spoke only on the condition of anonymity described Clarke's public remarks as self-serving and politically motivated."

So they're letting officials call Clarke names under the cover of
anonymity? Nice new policy the Post has. Too bad they don't follow it.

And shame on my own newspaper. We ran the story with that paragraph unaltered, despite *our* strict rules against such things.