Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Today's Spin

So, Powell harped on this point today:

But I want to emphasize that, notwithstanding all these intelligence activities that were under way, at no time during the early months of our administration were we presented with a vetted, viable, operational proposal which would have led to an opportunity to kill, capture or otherwise neutralize Osama bin Laden; never received any targetable information. Let me return now to our diplomatic efforts.

vetted, viable, operational... I'm not entirely sure what this combination of words means, but it's supposed to put down suggestions that the Clinton administration gave them a plan during the transition. Of course, it depends on the meaning of the word "plan." But, the point is that the Clintonites said you'd better take care of this mess and the Bush administration responded with Cheney's brainchild, Operation Ignore.

...and Josh comments on Woolsey continuing to press the al Qaeda/Iraq connection on Dobbs's show. As Josh points out, when they trot guys like Woolsey out what they say is really along the lines of "that guy Clarke he's crazy and evil and how dare he say all this stuff about us even though it's perfectly true and in fact there's nothing wrong with it."