Monday, March 01, 2004

We Knew This Was Coming

From Baylor:

Baylor spokesman Larry Brumley says the paper's views do not represent the vast majority of the school's 14,000 students and 100,000 alumni, not to mention its administration, faculty, staff, and board of regents. He says the Waco-based school is outraged over the editorial -- but the students will not necessarily be fired from the newspaper.

"Our student handbook is very clear that homosexual acts are treated with the same disciplinary proceedings as adultery and fornication and other types of sexual sin," he says. "More importantly in this case, what we're dealing with here is an advocacy of a matter that is really outside of traditional Christian teaching."

According to Brumley, the Student Publications Board will be convening in the next few days to discuss what if any punishments will be meted out against the paper's editorial staff. He adds that he is not sure whether the editorial was triggered by the school's recent decision to revoke the financial aid for a homosexual seminary student.