Sunday, April 18, 2004

Ashcroft Outrage

Jamie Gorelick responds to her critics today in the Washington Post.

Frankly, even in this media climate, I cannot believe that our whore media didn't respond with near-universal outrage and derision over Ashcroft's shameless display of partisan hackery when he appeared to testify. After spending his first 8 months in office paying absolutely no attention to terrorism - ranking it below covering up boobies as priority of his JD - Ashcroft had the nerve to try and ratfuck the committee by bringing up a memo from 1995 outlining a policy which his own JD ratified in the summer of 2001.

It's a complete embarassment that we have such an unprofessional partisan buffoon as our AG. It'd be funny if he wasn't so utterly unequipped to do what is a rather important job.