Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Fuzzy Math

Uh, you know guys, my readers gave over $75K during that time period...

No respect.[/dangerfield]

...don't get upset about this stuff. I think it's funny. If I want a convention pass I can get one. And, while I know this more about recognition for the community than recognition of me, it really isn't important. John Kerry has better things to do than think about these things. Most of John Kerry's top people have better things to do than thing about these things. And, it's no secret that their online operation is a wee bit silly. It isn't to their credit, but it just isn't that important.

...perhaps a clerical error.

...from someone from the Kerry campaign:

Okay - we missed it. Atrios signed up and we did not include him until WAY TOO LATE (today, actually, when I got email from several angry bloggers and a few very polite emails from Atrios).

A heartfelt apology to all - our Marathon Madness contest began April 9 and continues through May 1. Atrios WILL be counted in this one - promise. If your past fundraising is any indication - you might just win this one (too)!

While we're here - thank you, Atrios, for understanding. Oh, last thing, we'll have to know your name to make sure we hold your convention
tickets, though! :-D

March Madness coordinator