Monday, April 19, 2004

Yet Again


Years after President Bush set off alarm bells in the Muslim world by referring to his war against terrorism as a "crusade," the word that Arabs equate with Christian brutality has resurfaced in a Bush campaign fund-raising letter, officials acknowledged on Sunday.

The March 3 letter, which Bush-Cheney Campaign Chairman Marc Racicot sent to new campaign charter members in Florida, lauded the Republican president for "leading a global crusade against terrorism" while citing evidence of Bush's "strong, steady leadership during difficult times."

However, the word "crusade" recalls a historical trauma for the Muslim world, which was besieged by Christian crusaders from Europe during the Middle Ages.

But, sadly they're not morons. They just care more about exciting their direct mail base by casting this as a religious war than they do about minimizing terrorist acts at home or abroad or insurgent attacks against our soldiers. They're quite happy to put their name on an anti-American recruitment letter just to increase the re-election chances of George W. Bush. A few more dead soldiers is a small price to pay for a few more bucks in the Bush election fund.

...this is where wingnuts get all (fake) outraged that I would dare say such a thing. Well, Republicans are saying stuff like this about Democrats every day. They're running ads saying that Kerry doesn't support the troops and claiming that Kerry voted against the body armor that Bush has yet to provide for many of them.